ZigaForm version 5.5.1


h4> Complex Electronic Invoice Solutions in an organization in accordance with eIDAS, Legislation and Industry Chamber Recommendations .


• Legislation (VAT Act 235/2004 on VAT and all related laws) has been incorporated in relation to the sending of invoices to the customer as well as internal trusted archiving of electronic invoices.

the credibility of origin - by attaching an electronic signature

unchanging content - a combination of electronic signature and time stamp

Readability - Converting to a long-term readable format (eg PDF / A)

• Respect the Chamber's recommendation in relation to electronic invoice processing throughout its lifecycle, ie from distribution to customer through credible archiving in the company.

• Minimizing the risk of loss, damage, devaluation of the accounting system incl. monitoring of retention times according to applicable laws.


• Financial savings of around 80% of direct costs per invoice.

• Simple implementation without the need for investment and changes in the way users work.

• Acquired as a service in the TS-eCLOUD environment.

• Link to existing electronic processes in DMS or ERP.

• Quick search for archived invoices.

• Allows an immediate and gradual transition to full-scale invoice processing in electronic form