ZigaForm version 5.5.1


a complete tool for converting a complex IT organization to a service provided by an external entity. TS-Cloud also includes eIDAS support services


• No or little investment - there is no need to take the infrastructure. The only thing that can be spent on the transition to TS-eCLOUD is the client software license (if paid).

• Immediate downstream eIDAS trust services, without the need for long-term building in the internal environment of the organization

• No re-investment in infrastructure - with TS-eCLOUD you do not care about the infrastructure, it is not necessary to buy and install new servers every X years, including data migration. • No hidden spending - Only a clearly defined range of services under contract is valid

• Possibility to dynamically change the infrastructure capacity of the entire TS-eCLOUD solution

• Lower total cost than the implementation of your assistance - including the Service Level Agreement (SLA), or guaranteed service availability.

• Deployment speed - especially for some applications and infrastructure services, it is a great advantage to have the service deployment speed just now.

• No maintenance and maintenance required - no care for the server part of the infrastructure. It does not solve failures, patches or hacker attacks, etc.

• Upgrade for free - if there's a new version of the software (like the new Microsoft Exchange Server), you do not have to back up, install, migrate, control, and even buy. Everything is included in the service price.

• SLA - Service Level Agreement is not a contractually guaranteed availability of service is often an incredible technical advantage. The SLA itself is the alpha and omega of success when switching to Cloud.